As the second-largest state by land area, planning a road trip in Texas is no small feat. Especially if you’re traveling with a group, this is where booking a Texas charter bus rental comes in handy. If you’ve never booked a charter bus, you’ll have a stress-free booking experience with Texas Charter Bus Company. The Texas Charter Bus Company team offers a variety of group transportation services, including short- and long-distance rentals for groups of all sizes.

If you have questions about renting a charter bus in Texas, you’ll find comprehensive information here! Any additional questions can be directed to the reservation team at 281-383-9491. Keep on reading to learn more about charter bus types, trip planning, and more!

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Texas Charter Bus Types

The Texas Charter Bus Company network includes a variety of bus rentals throughout the Lone Star State. Charter bus rentals are oversized vehicles that can be booked with a driver for private group travel across a specific timeframe to designated destinations. A charter bus may oftentimes be referred to as a coach bus or a motorcoach. Smaller vehicles such as minibus rentals are available for more compact travel. Minibuses may also be called minicoaches. Available Texas bus rentals will vary in model, size, capacity, and onboard features.

Charter Bus and Minibus Rental Passenger Capacities

A full-size charter bus rental can usually seat 55-56 passengers. Some manufacturers do offer smaller charter bus rentals that seat around 40-45 passengers as well. However, these are less commonly available. Minibus rentals vary in passenger capacity, ranging from 15-passenger buses that are more comparable to vans, all the way to 35-passenger minibus rentals for medium-sized groups.

Charter Bus Rental Sizes

The size of your Texas charter bus rental will vary depending on the manufacturer and model. Usually, full-size charter bus rentals clock in at about 40 to 45 feet long, while minibus rentals can range from 19 to 35 feet based on passenger capacity.

ADA-accessible Bus Rentals in Texas

ADA-accessible charter bus rentals are available by request and can include features like wheelchair lifts, widened aisles, and additional handrailing. The passenger capacity and size of ADA charter bus rentals in Texas will vary depending on the model and transportation provider.

Charter Bus Amenities

Your Texas charter bus or minibus rental can come equipped with amenities for more comfortable travel. Onboard amenities will depend on the vehicle’s model and size. If you require specific minutes for your Texas travel, you’ll need to request them at the time of booking. These amenities can include:

  • Reclining seats
  • Free WiFi
  • Power outlets and USB ports
  • AUX plugins
  • TVs with DVD players
  • A restroom

Some models of minibus rental may not have amenities like restrooms due to size limitations.

Bus Rental Storage

Full-size charter bus rentals usually come equipped with large luggage bays beneath the bus. These can fit bulky equipment and large suitcases, making them suitable for big groups or those traveling with a heavy load. Most charter bus rentals also include easily accessible overhead compartments to reach personal items during travel. Smaller models of minibus rental do not have luggage bays, so it’s best to travel with minimal luggage if your bus is at full capacity.

Traveling in a Texas Charter Bus Rental

Group Transportation Services Available in Texas

Texas Charter Bus Company can service a range of trip types, including local or long-distance trips. The most popular services available include corporate shuttle bus rentals, wedding shuttle services, school field trip transportation, and sports team charter bus rentals. However, the Texas Charter Bus Company team can provide customized transportation solutions for groups traveling across Texas for a variety of occasions, including brewery shuttles around Austin, private event bus rentals in Dallas, or historic group tour shuttles in San Antonio.

Maximum Travel Distance by Charter Bus

Renting a bus with Texas Charter Bus Company will give your group travel freedom across the state. This includes having easy long-distance charter bus rentals from El Paso to Houston and bus rentals from Dallas all the way up to Amarillo. When you book your Texas bus rental with a reservation representative, you’ll need to have your destinations and itinerary. This will help the team determine the best type of bus rental for your travel distance.

Maximum Travel Mileage

Although you can travel throughout Texas with a charter bus, there are some limitations to mileage. Most trips are billed by the hour but longer trips will be billed by the day or occasionally, by the mile. Texas Charter Bus Company can accommodate most trips but excess mileage may be billed long-distance, multi-day trips.

Bathroom Usage and Breaks

If you’re on a long ride around Texas, you’ll probably need to use the restroom while on the road. Only full-size charter bus rentals include an onboard restroom. These restrooms are compact and should be used sparingly if needed. It’s recommended you wait until visiting a rest stop to use the restroom. You can work with your driver to predetermined rest areas during your trip.

Food and Drinks Onboard

It’s only natural that you get peckish or thirsty during long rides. You’re allowed to bring light food and drinks onboard your Texas charter bus rental. Just keep in mind to minimize mess and clean up after yourself. Alcohol is usually allowed on board bus rentals with passengers who are ages 21+ for occasions like nights out or bachelor and bachelorette parties. It’s just required that you let your reservation agent know ahead of time that you plan to bring alcoholic beverages onboard.

Texas Charter Bus Pricing and Quick Booking

Average Bus Rental Pricing

The average cost of a minibus or charter bus in Texas varies from trip to trip. The Texas charter bus rental pricing rates available on the site are estimates and don’t reflect the actual cost of your service. Most trips will be charged by the hour with a 5-hour minimum, while longer trips will be charged by the day or mile. How much your chaser bus costs by the hour or day will depend on when and where you book.

Charter Bus Driver Costs

Daily pay for your bus driver will be included in your rental quote. Aside from base pay, it’s customary to tip your driver at least 10% of the total cost of your trip at the end of your service. This should be provided in cash. Additional driver costs may include overnight lodging if your trip is more than one day.

Renting a Charter Bus in Texas

Booking a charter bus rental in Texas only takes a handful of quick steps.

  1. Gather trip details. This includes information like travel dates, your group size, destinations, and even a rough itinerary.
  2. Contact the rental team at 281-383-9491 to give a representative your travel information and have them organize a transportation solution for you.
  3. Get a free quote.  Your travel information will be used to generate a free charter bus quote that’s unique to your Texas trip.
  4. Reserve your charter bus. Securing your ride can be done by putting down a deposit with a reservation representative.

Texas Charter Bus Company has representatives available 24/7 to get you a free quote and answer any additional questions you have about charter bus rentals!