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As the largest metropolitan area in Texas, Houston is home to a variety of events and attractions. When you’re looking for a reliable and efficient way to transport groups around the Houston metro area, you can rely on Houston Charter Bus Company. Our expertise in bus rentals and extensive network of professional drivers and buses means we’ll be able to match you with the perfect bus for whatever your needs are.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Charter a Bus Around Houston

They say that everything is bigger in Texas. If you have never visited the Lone Star State, now would be a great time to rent a tour bus for an awesome Western vacation. The city of Houston is located in the southwestern part of the state and is the fourth most populated metropolis in America. Houston has everything that you would want in a great American city. The weather is awesome and the locals are experts in Southern hospitality. Here are some top sights to check out on your bus tour:

1. NASA Space Center Houston

Discover the advances in American space exploration at Houston’s branch of NASA. You will be amazed at the sheer size of various rockets and other space-age technologies that were developed in this center. There are plenty of picture opportunities and guided tours which would make for a fascinating time of viewing and learning. The center also has a food court where you can relax and have some good food. This would be a perfect place to take children who are interested in astronauts or astronomy.

2. The Houston Museum of Natural Science

This awesome museum is so large, it would probably take a full day to enjoy all of the exhibits; however, it is well worth your time. The museum has a huge dinosaur exhibit that is a must-see for those who are interested in prehistoric life. Kids who visit this display are usually spell-bound by the fossilized dinosaur skeletons. You can go on nature walks and see the popular Cockrell Butterfly Center exhibit. Just imagine the splendor of seeing thousands of butterflies in a jungle habitat! Your tour will also enjoy seeing the museum’s new gem stone and rock gallery. There is a planetarium, an IMAX theater, and a McDonalds right in the building.

3. Minute Maid Park

Sponsored by a favorite orange juice company, Minute Maid Park is the quintessential park to enjoy and Major League game. The park is home to the beloved Houston Astros. If it is not raining, they open the huge domed roof for a glimpse of the glittering Texas sky. You will have good viewing from just about any seat you buy. The park has classic baseball game food plus some other specialties. Watching an Astros game would be fun for the whole tour group.

4. Houston Zoo

Take a walk on Houston’s wild side and spend a day at the renowned Houston Zoo. You can watch some of your favorite exotic animals in a natural habitat. The exhibits are constantly changing and the knowledgeable staff is courteous and ready to answer your questions. The zoo has daily schedules of special programs where visitors can get up close to some of the wonderful inhabitants. Recently, the facilities opened a new gorilla exhibit. Food and drink is available at reasonable prices. Children of all ages will have a blast at the zoo.

5. Holocaust Museum of Houston

It is difficult to believe that in our modern times, one insane tyrant was able to systematically massacre several million innocent lives. Houston’s Holocaust Museum is the fourth-largest of its kind in the nation. Its exhibits are a sobering reminder of the mass sufferings of Jewish and other cultural groups during the reign of Nazi Germany. The museum has revolving and permanent collections of art work and other Holocaust artifacts. They offer their guests several interesting programs every month. People who love history and have a passion to end genocide in the world will want to visit this heart-touching museum.

6. The Galleria

What would a city bus tour be without a trip to a shopping mall! Be sure to charter a bus that has plenty of cargo space, because you can shop until you drop at The Galleria Mall. You will find just about all of your favorite upscale department stores like Dillards and Nordstrom. Plus, the mall has many chic outlets and specialized boutiques for your shopping pleasure. When you are finished shopping, you can go to the mall’s own ice skating rink for some fun on the ice. Later, relax and eat in some of the nice mall restaurants in the food court.

7. The Toyota Center

Watching basketball games on television do not even compare to seeing them live in a stadium. When you visit the fabulous Toyota Center, you can watch the Houston Rockets in all their glory. You will love being part of the enthusiastic crowds who are rooting for their favorite team. Throughout the year, the center also hosts music concerts and other public events. Be sure to check out their website to see what is happening when you are in the Houston area.

8. Water Wall

Are you looking for a unique place to picnic and relax while you are in Houston? Try a visit to the Water Wall downtown. The towering horse-shoe shaped structure is a dramatic 65 ft. Water fall. You can picnic under one of the many giant oak trees that surround the falls. The Water Wall is one of the most photographed site in Houston.

9. National Museum of Funeral History

You must visit this museum if you want an unusual experience on your Houston bus tour. Take a little tour of the macabre and learn the fascinating history of funerals in America. Although the name may make the museum seem like a haunted house, it is actually center that preserves our history and culture of dealing with death. The vintage displays are fascinating and you will glean information about funerals, burying rites, and even embalming. The National Museum of Funeral History is an ideal stop for those who enjoy quirky or mysterious places.

10. Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens

While you are down south, you probably want to visit a lovely Southern mansion. You will be thrilled with a visit to this former home of philanthropist Ima Hogg. She willed the stately mansion and its well manicured gardens to the state. It now houses a magnificent collection of American art and decoration. You may want to bring a picnic basket and savor the beauty of Bayou Bend for an afternoon.

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