About Texas Charter Bus Company

Did you know that it takes about 9 hours to travel between Dallas and El Paso? In 9 hours you could watch the entirety of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. In 9 hours, you could drive through Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. In less than 9 hours, you could even fly to Europe.

Alright, you probably get our point. Texas is huge.

Traveling around the Lonestar State can take quite some time, and planning a group trip around such a large state can be daunting. Our goal is to make Texas group transportation a little less intimidating.

At Texas Charter Bus Company, we’re dedicated to making group travel easier for everyone involved. This includes providing a safe, spacious, and comfortable travel solution for every occasion. With Texas Charter Bus Company, you’ll have a team of experienced transportation professionals committed to your travel needs.

We Serve All Types of Travelers

We’re here to serve the Austin event planner who needs shuttles for SXSW.

We’re here for members of the Dallas Cowboys Fan Club who need exclusive transport to games.

We’re here to serve the maid of honor who may have forgotten to book transportation for her best friend’s last hurrah in Galveston.

We’re here to serve you.

We’ve partnered with transportation professionals across the state to give you access to a wide fleet of vehicles for a variety of occasions. Whether you’re traveling from Amarillo to McAllen or Tyler to Midland, you’ll have reliable and professional group transportation for the long journey.

Austin event planners can focus on the many other moving parts of organizing a SXSW exhibition. Cowboys fans will be able to keep their minds on bringing the best barbeque to the tailgate. And the entire bridal party can have a blast without worrying about a DD.

Quick and Easy Booking

Our services are personalized and customer-focused to ensure that transportation is the last worry during your next trip or special event.

When you call our offices, you’ll be connected with a rental expert who will help match you with a bus and professional charter driver based on your trip details.

We’ll just need a few things to get your quote started:

  • A headcount. How many passengers will be on your trip?
  • An itinerary. Where are you going? What days are you planning to travel? How many stops are you expecting along the way?
  • Any special accommodations. Do you need an ADA-accessible bus? Are there any additional amenities your group may need?

After we collect your travel information, you’ll receive a charter bus quote in your email. The quote will include your bus rental and driver’s compensation. Don’t worry, all of our pricing is up-front and you won’t incur any hidden fees. Keep in mind, you may have to pay additional tolls, parking fees or travel accommodations for your driver if you’ll have a multi-day trip.

If you’re happy with the quote, all you have to do is confirm your trip via email and provide a 30% deposit to secure your rental. It’s that simple.

Safety Always Comes First

We aim to get you on the road as quickly as we can, but swift travels don’t mean much without safety. At Texas Charter Bus Company, we’re committed to giving our passengers not only the easiest booking process, but the safest group transportation experience possible.

Every driver must pass a professional screening before taking on any trips within our network. This includes a thorough background check and having a current, cleared drug test on file. Our passengers will have a dedicated transportation expert behind the wheel during every step of their journey in Texas.

Each motorcoach in the Texas Charter Bus Company network undergoes regular maintenance and inspections before hitting the road. Don’t worry about car breakdowns and being stranded after a long stretch between San Antonio and El Paso. When you travel with us, you’ll be on board a reliable and comfortable coach, no matter the length of trip.

Ready to Book?

If the answer is “yes,” pick up the phone and give us a call at 281-383-9491 to begin with a free, no-obligation quote. If you’re still unsure and have a few questions about the rental process, our representatives would be happy to help out.