Dallas School Field Trip Bus Rental

Dallas School Field Trips, Done Easy

Dallas Charter Bus Company understands how important it is for your students to have safe, reliable transportation when it’s time for a field trip. While you may have relied on school buses to transport your students in the past, there are now more efficient ways to get them to and from the destination. Charter bus rentals are a safe, affordable way to ensure your students are able to get where they need to go in Dallas. Book with us today and see the difference.

Student Safety Comes First

Transporting your students is our duty, but doing it safely is our priority. We know that as a parent or teacher, the first thing you want to know is if your child is in safe hands. With Dallas Charter Bus Company, every bus we book must pass a thorough safety inspection before it ever hits the road. We partner with only the most skilled drivers in the industry, so you’ll never have to wonder about who’s behind the wheel. Couple that with advanced safety features such as steel-cage construction and dual rear wheels, and you’re guaranteed a safe, efficient ride.

Entertainment Features for Long Trips

We understand that your students may not be inclined to sit still for long periods of time. This can be a tough problem when you’ve got a field trip destination that’s far from your school. Dallas Charter Bus Company works to mitigate this issue by booking solutions with a number of exclusive amenities, such as WiFi, television, DVD players, power outlets, and radio. This allows your students to relax, socialize, and enjoy themselves while your driver gets you closer to your destination.

Solutions for Every Class Size

When it’s time to leave campus, it’s important to know that your students are all together on a unified front. Smaller transportation solutions can cause problems due to lack of required seating, but charter bus and minibus rentals come in a variety of sizes that are tailored to your class’ needs. Smaller classes enjoy the compact, cozy construction of an 18-passenger minibus, while the largest classes appreciate the spaciousness of a 56-passenger charter bus. Don’t spend another moment wondering how you’re going to accommodate the entire class, book a private bus rental your entire unit.

The Finest Rentals Available

Make the smartest decision possible for your students. Book a private charter bus rental for your next school field trip, and rely on Dallas Charter Bus Company to handle the details. Give us a call at 214-396-2444 to learn more about how we can service you and your students