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10 Reasons Why You Should Charter a Bus Around Dallas

Are you ready for some adventure? Perhaps it's time you take a charter bus to Dallas and see why so many people come here for their vacations year after year. The Dallas metro area has it all. They have numerous sites to see, as well as the best Mexican food around. If you are struggling with the location of your next vacation, here are 10 reasons why you need to visit Dallas.

1. Dealey Plaza

All history buffs simply must come by and visit Dealey Plaza. This is the famous spot where John F. Kennedy was assassinated back on November 22, 1963. This historical area offers great tours, plus includes a bonus area where official artifacts can be found. He was one of the most beloved presidents of all times. Since 1940, people have been coming to this spot to see the museum, but after his death, the area took on a whole new meaning.

2. White Rock Lake

While visiting the city and dealing with the congestion, you may want to escape the rat race for just a while. White Rock Lake is the perfect spot to get away from it all yet still be so close. This famous reservoir has a view of the skyline with the tranquility of the country. There are picnic grounds, as well as play equipment and plenty of room to enjoy the Dallas sunshine. Don't forget some bait for fishing either.

3. Dallas Zoo

If you want to see lions and tigers and bears; the Dallas Zoo is the place to be. There are more than 106 acres full of animals and exhibits. This is the oldest zoo in Texas, as it was established in 1888. Managed by the nonprofit Dallas Zoological Society, this zoo houses more than 406 species of animals. Over 46,166 people flock to the gates to see the animals in an original style habitat. Divided into two distinct sections, ZooNorth and Wilds of Africa; this park has something for everyone.

4. Dallas Museum of Art

With historical pieces that span more than 5,000 years, one of the best reasons to visit this area is to see the Dallas Museum of Art. The museum was built in 1903 and has been a pillar of the community ever since. Their exhibits span many genres and are appealing to all.

5. Six Flags

If you love the adrenaline rush and the awesome feeling or riding a coaster, be sure to check out Six Flags. Their Runaway Mine Train is the oldest coaster in the park, and it still gets plenty of attention. This park opened its doors in August of 1966, and they are still going strong. With tons of coasters and a "kiddy-land" for the children; it's one exciting place to visit.

6. Galleria Dallas

They say everything is bigger and better in Texas, and by the size of the Galleria shopping center; the rumors are true. Owned by the Simon Property Group, this mall opened in 1982. This mall has 3 stories plus a basement that has an ice skating rink. There is an area just for the kids known as "Playland" and there is so many restaurants you will find it hard to decide what to eat. There are hotels on site, as well as all of your favorite stores. This is one shopping mall you simply must see to believe.

7. Zero Gravity Amusement

If you tend to be more of an extremist, then you will adore the Zero Gravity Amusement center. This place has bungee jumps, as well as other extreme rides. How does a 7-story drop or a 16-story free fall sound? While it is the ultimate in adventures, some say it's a thrill worth taking. They've been here since 1992 and are still voted one of the top things to do in Dallas.

8. AT&T Stadium

No one can come to Dallas without at least paying tribute to the famous Dallas Cowboys. They play their games at the AT&T Stadium. It's one stadium you have to see to believe. It is an 80,000-seat capacity stadium that has the ability to retract the roof. The center is not just used for the famous football team; they also hold concerts and other events here. The building is owned by the city and they give the Cowboys permission to use it for their home-base. At the cost of $650 million, it's one impressive venue.

9. Perot Museum of Nature and Science

While it's not as exciting as bungee jumping, the Perot Museum of Nature and Science is a great place for children. Though the market is for the younger crowd, many find that they learn things they never knew about universe, minerals and gemstones, earthquakes and birds, animals and so much more. Each floor has a different theme and plenty of activities that are hands-on fun. There are five levels in all and each one is just as exciting as the next.

10. Dallas World Aquarium

If you enjoy the sea and wildlife, you simply must make time in your schedule for the Dallas World Aquarium. How would you like to get face to face with a Red-tailed boa constrictor, Dragon wrasse or a Napoleon wrasse? This aquarium caters to the exotic and doesn't disappoint. They have five exhibits that are equally enthralling. Not only entertaining, but this aquarium is also very educational.

When you're ready to explore the Dallas-Fort Worth area, simply call a charter bus. When you allow a charter bus to do all the driving, you can relax and enjoy the views. Nothing is better than letting someone else deal with the traffic of Dallas. All you have to do is plan where your next exciting adventure will be. See why so many people come to Dallas time and again just to explore all of its offerings. The foods great, the people are real; it's one experience you won't forget.

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