Austin Charter Bus Airport Transportation

If you’re flying into Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, we know you’ve got better things to do than wait around for a string of taxis, rideshares, or inflexible hotel shuttles. Luckily, Austin Charter Bus Company is here to help. Call 512-215-4891 and our reservation team will get your airport transportation squared away well in advance, which gives you plenty of time and brainspace to coordinate the rest of your Austin group trip.

Barbara Jordan Terminal

As the primary terminal for Austin-Bergstrom, the Barbara Jordan Terminal sees most of ABIA’s action. If you’re flying into or out of town with an airline like Southwest, Delta, Air Canada, or British Airways, your gate will most likely be in this building. Here, you’ll see 34 gates—6 of which host international flights—a number of food vendors, and even a music venue often frequented by local acts. This terminal is connected to a 3,000-space public parking garage and a consolidated rental car facility.

South Terminal

Recently reopened in 2017, this secondary ABIA terminal mostly offers flights through regional, “no-frills” airlines like Frontier and Allegiant. The South Terminal is in a completely separate building from the Barbara Jordan Terminal and is only accessible from either its Burleson Road entrance or the inter-terminal shuttle. The facility has a retro vibe with three passenger gates without airbridges—here, passengers walk under a covered breezeway to board their aircraft by  a set of stairs.

airport passengers stand in line to board their flight in Austin

What We Offer to Passengers

A flight can only get you so far. Once you land in ABIA with your band of conference attendees, entire football roster, or wedding party, there’s the matter of finding ground transport that will accommodate everyone.

The Route 20 public bus stops by the airport’s lower arrival level every 15 minutes. It cuts through downtown Austin via Lavaca Street, turns east on Manor Road, loops around the Las Cimas neighborhood, and turns back to the airport. This means that if your group is staying in the heart of downtown or on the northwest side of the city, this route should take you there with no need to transfer.

However, taking public transportation isn’t always the best option. While public transportation may be a great option for lone travellers or small groups, if you’re on the road with a large group or need control over the route, you’re going to need a more flexible shuttle service.

That’s why the Austin Charter Bus Company reservation team is here to make your airport ground transportation as easy as possible. Your driver will pick you up at the airport’s designated charter bus area: the Main Terminal’s lower level, between columns L and M. From there, the next destination is up to you! Whether you’re headed straight into a local brewery tour or to the hotel for some much-needed rest after a redeye, we’ll make it happen.

If you need specific accommodations on your bus—full ADA-accessibility for your wheelchair users? WiFi for your kids? extra legroom for your tall folks?—just let us know. As long as you give us a heads up when you book, we’ll try our best to find a bus that ticks every checkbox.

What We Offer to Airlines

Our services aren’t just limited to passengers, either. When inclement weather or natural disasters force airlines to cancel or redirect flights, we’re here to make emergency ground transportation simple and stress-free. We have a knack for making last-minute reservations work, as well as a 24-hour operations team for round-the-clock coverage.

We can also access a wide variety of motorcoaches to accommodate any group size, knowledgeable charter bus drivers with years of navigational know-how, and any number of amenities that will make your passengers’ ride home that much more comfortable. Give us a ring at 512-215-4891 to learn more about how we can help you manage your ground transportation.