Austin Conventions & Events

Austin is filled with events, conventions, and festivals

Whether you are planning to attend an event or festival in Austin for business or personal reasons you may find renting a charter bus is a perfect mode of transportation for large groups. Choosing to hire coaches gets people there at the same time without the confusion of someone getting lost, maneuvering through traffic, and finding a place to park. Plus, choosing a charter bus could save much money. It will make it easier to get everyone back to work on time. Some of the biggest events are listed below so that you can get your reservation in early.

Austin Urban Music Festival April 1 to 2, 2016

Enjoy the likes of Jammin Jay Lamont and Doug E. Fresh while taking some down time from the everyday drag of work. Gather the employees and treat everyone to a refreshing treat with some funky beats. Charter an Austin bus to get everyone to the concert safely and make sure no one gets lost along the way. The Urban Music Festival is always packed.

Austin Infosec 2016 April 9 and April 10, 2016

Infosec 2016 is a conference that updates you on the newest security technologies and how these innovations affect your business. Learn new skills with on-site training sessions from experts in the field. By traveling to the convention center for this event, you will stay ahead of security threats that evolve every day. Get everyone there and back quickly to minimize the time away from the office, if necessary.

How to Get Investors for Your Business Conference April 14, 2016

Send new employees and sales agents through a refresher course on investment procurement by scheduling a charter bus to get everyone there and back safely. You can help your newest staff members learn how to perform at the highest levels by giving them the tools to succeed. The How to Get Investors for Your Business Conference April is helpful for capital fund management and venture investments.

Reggae Festival April 15 to 17, 2016

The Reggae Festival is called the Marly Fest in Austin. This music event is held over a three day weekend every April. Gather a group of friends and travel to the concert in style. Enjoy your fill of adult beverages knowing that your Atlanta charter bus driver will get you securely to your destination. The best part about it is that the price will be extremely low with 20 or more people chipping in to pay for the bus. This event helps support the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas earning more than a million dollars for the cause over the last ten years. It makes an excellent option for community outreach and volunteering initiatives.

Austin Food and Wine Festival April 22 to 24, 2016

Rub elbows with some of the likes of Amanda Freitag and Andrew Zimmern while sampling the finest foods Austin has to offer. Ming Tsai and Aaron Sanchez will be there showing off their skills and providing expertise as well. The Austin Food and Wine Festival draws people from neighboring states. There are thousands in attendance each April.

The Power of Mobile Marketing Conference April 28, 2016

If your company needs help learning how to navigate the cumbersome mobile world, then take the time to get a hands-on lesson by attending the Power of Mobile Marketing Conference. This event promises to teach your employees how to stay ahead of the competition by learning about mobile resources and shortcuts. This is a two-hour class with a registration fee. See the Austin Chamber of Commerce site for more information.

The 2016 Naturally Fit Games June 25, 2016

Inspire your team to stay healthy with a trip by Austin charter bus to the Naturally Fit Games in June. Get everyone out on a Saturday to work out and learn new things about fitness. It is slated to be the biggest fitness event in Austin in 2016. Take part in exercise workshops, watch competitions, and find out the newest trends in working out.

High-Impact Marketing 10 Low-Cost Strategies for Big Sales May 3, 2016

This conference is helpful for small businesses who need to get a solid foundation laid for their sales department. You can quickly send a charter bus to the conference and back to get your people ready to learn new ways to get your name out in Austin and surrounding areas. This session is taught by a local professor. High-Impact Marketing is an event that could make or break your sales margin this year.

Cloud Computing: The Path to Freedom May 25, 2106

If your business has a hard time grasping the fundamentals of the cloud, then the Cloud Computing: The Path to Freedom event is right up your alley. Don Dalrymple goes over the basics and how they apply to your company in this conference. Gather your crew and make sure that they can help your business grow by attending this event. You can easily get everyone onboard a local charter bus for a quick trip across town and back for this two-hour session.

Small Business Sales Strategies June 30, 2016

Get your employees ready to give you their all by sending them to the Small Business Sales Strategies event in June. They will learn tricks of the craft from Adam Boyd, who is the speaker for the event. He will provide proven strategies that he has identified over his years as a local leader.

Oktoberfest September 30 to October 2, 2016

Show your employees that you appreciate their hard work over the summer. Charter a bus to take them to Oktoberfest and get out and mingle with the public and let loose. Enjoy the festivities knowing that your Austin Charter bus driver will get you back safe and sound because he or she is your designated driver for the evening.