Sometimes traveling by road can get a bad wrap; people tend to want to get to their destination as quickly as possible, but what they are missing is more than they could imagine. Taking a trip with us is not just any bus ride. We like to think of it as a full traveling experience. Why not soak in every single bit of the world around you? See sites along the way you have never seen before. Take pictures, make memories and live in the moment. Broaden your horizons and divulge in everything the road has to offer. When you are chartering a bus from Houston to New Orleans, we want you to encounter every single site worth seeing.

We want you and your group to have the best trip of your life, so we spent some time and put together locations along the way that will be sure to captivate your inner adventurous side.


You have been on the road now for one hour and 19 minutes; lets get out and stretch our legs a little. Beaumont is a gorgeous city that sits on the Neches River. With surrounding urban feels, this city is home to the arts, theatre, historic buildings and beautiful architecture.

There are many attractions to see and do here, whether you want to spend your time indoors or outside. One place that stood out to us was the Spindle-Gladys City Boomtown Museum. Located on the campus of Lamar University, this museum commemorates the discovery of oil at the Spindletop Hill Salt Dome in 1901. The discovery of this led to the initial oil boom that flourished throughout Texas and the United States, even today. Here, all of the buildings in Gladys City that were at Spindletop are architecturally sound to the originals during the 1900s. Fifteen of the communities buildings have been replicated, so you feel like you are back in 1901 experiencing for yourself. Actual artifacts and memorabilia from the original fill the area. You can experience live reenactments of events that occurred and even a real-life blacksmith. Take a 90-minute tour of the grounds and experience what life was like during this exciting time in United States history.

We hope you and your group enjoys history, because there is one more stop in Beaumont we think is worth your while. The McFaddin Ward House was built in 1905 and has not changed a lick. Its Beaux-Arts Colonial style brings people from all over that appreciate this unique style. You and your group can take a tour of the home were a wealthy Architect and his family lived there throughout the 20th century. Walk on the grounds where the upper class held frequent entertainments and elegant parties. While on your tour, the guide will tell you family stories of things that have happened their. View the home, carriage house and gardens during your visit and you will not be disappointed.

Golden Nugget Casino Hotel

Set on the Contraband Bayou waterfront, the Golden Nugget offers a plethora of activities for you and your group.

You can’t go wrong when you have the ability to eat, play and shop all in one location. There are 11 bars and restaurants to choose from as well as other activities such as tennis, golf and a day spa. For the golf lovers of the group, you can book a tee time before you arrive and enjoy some quality time outdoors. If golf is not your thing, you can shop around and take a second to relax by the pool. This is a great location that offers something for everyone and gives you a break from the road.

Speaking of the great outdoors, Prien Lake Park is a great location to take a walk and grab some fresh air. Prien Lake is located along the Calcasieu River. People come from all over to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery and wildlife peace and quiet. Large grassy areas fill this space, so there is ample room to run around or throw the Frisbee. Grab some lunch on the road and eat it at one of the covered picnic tables. Can you say, perfect pit stop?

Arcadian Village

Arcadian settlers are decedents from the original French settlers and lived simple lives. Everything they used was made from the earth, from mattresses made of moss to spinning wheels used to pull fiber for clothing. Experience their way of life and visit Arcadian Village. This village shows the way their houses were built, the furniture they used and even their general store. This is a great stop to experience a completely different way of life up close and personal.

Bon Temps Grille

Now you all are about 2 and a half hours from New Orleans and I bet you and your group are hungry. Why not take a pit stop and grab some food. Steve n Pat’s Bon Temps Grill offers the most authentic Cajun and Creole food in the state of Louisiana. With dishes like shrimp jambalaya and Cajun jerk chicken, this place is no joke when it comes to staying true to classic Cajun recipes.

New Orleans, here we come!

If you chose to charter a bus and head on an adventure from Houston to New Orleans, we hope you enjoy your trip. May these locations find you well and we hope you have fun. Let us know how it goes and which stop was your favorite!

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