Houston Conventions & Events

Much has come out of Texas throughout the generations. It began as almost a merger of American and Mexican culture, hosting several imports that were previous unique to Mexico. Mustaches and tobacco become popular among Americans. Throughout the years, it became widely regarded as the home of the wild wild west. It was where people might go if they wanted to see a cowboy. While many think the cowboy subculture has faded into irrelevancy, there are still traces of it in the heart of many Texans. People who visit the great city of Houston, Texas often testify that they had an opportunity to catch a glimpse of this captivating and exciting subculture. There is a lot for people to do in Houston and there are a lot of upcoming events.

Meet An Astronaut

"Houston, we have a problem." Many of us have heard this line in Hollywood films or perhaps in a book about space travel. Throughout the United States, people know that Houston is home to the NASA space station. All of the exploration of the deep cosmos and everything that we know and learn about what might be lurking beyond our galaxy resides at NASA. Some of the finest scientist and cosmologists in the world are located in Houston.

Many scientists think that it is important to popularize their fields. They want the general public to begin to understand the processes of scientific inquiry and they want them to understand what they processes have yielded. In our era of information, the public is becoming more excited by the prospect. Further, there is an aura of mystery as we consider space travel and what might be lurking deep in space. Many think that it helps to put things into perspective. As a result, people are quite captivated by the idea of meeting real scientists, especially real astronauts. The NASA Space Center in Houston offers the opportunity to Meet An Astronaut.

Fashion In Art

Many people know how important art is to the world. Art is what remains when a culture passes out of existence. Vincent Van Gogh portrayed the hands of the peasants, rendering an invaluable expression of the pain of the people. That is what art does. Art communicates. It lives. It breathes. People love art because of everything that it offers. Art is the lifeblood of American culture. Despite what was going on throughout the world, the artist has always been there to capture it and to relay the deep recesses of the human soul.

Houston's Museum of Fine Art captures this rich history. With a number of displays and events, the people of this city know that when they want a taste of the lost cultures of world history, they can come to the Museum of Fine Arts. But art far transcends paintings and sculptures. While they are important forms of art, one that is often overlooked is how fashion can often serve as a piece of art. Throughout the years, garments have become more than just something that one robes themselves to keep warm. They have become pieces of art. In different cultures and in eras, garments have served as art. The Museum of Fine Arts is having a Fashion In Art event to display many of the finest garments in world history.

The Dark Side of The Moon

As one gazes out into the night sky, they will often be confronted by the moon. For generations, the moon has been a source of mystery. Mythologies have developed in an attempt to explain the celestial phenomenon caught in the earth's gravitational thrust. People have wanted to know why that bulb of light is in the night sky. With the advancement of technology and the development of human intellect and knowledge, mankind has stood on the shoulders of their ancestors, and have been hoisted all the way to the moon. Men have knowledge about the atmosphere. They know of the conditions on the moon and they know how to get to the moon. While it used to be that the moon was shrouded in mystery, mankind's knowledge is widening.

That is why the Houston Museum of Natural History is hosting an event known as The Dark Side of The Moon wherein people can come and learn some of the deepest mysteries of the moon. The contemporary person occupies a unique place in history. The heart of all of the mysteries of the physical world are available.

Dive-In Movie

A day at the waterpark is a child's favorite adventure. A normal amusement park may be a lot of fun for kids, but they are nothing compared to a water park. High speed rides that are complemented by water are a lot of fun. Parents who enjoy seeing their kids run around, full of joy, often take them to a waterpark. However, there are some aspects of the waterpark that parents enjoy.

Ironically, they are usually the child's least favorite parts of the waterpark. The parents like relaxing on a slow moving river. They enjoy forgetting about all of their stress and just enjoying the sun and the cool water. They usually only want to go on a couple of high speed water rides. Parents prefer something else. That is why the 80's Day And Dive-In Movie is in place. Parents who grew up in the 80's might have a few flashbacks of their childhood. Their days in leather jackets might quickly come back to them. Beyond that, the waterpark is featuring a Dive-In movie. This means that while they are lazing in the pool, a giant screen will portray a beloved classic for you to enjoy. It promises to be a great way to spend the afternoon.

People who want to learn a little more about American culture and the subcultures will often come to Houston, Texas. It is a place of intellectual intrigue complemented by the spirit of the cowboy. A Houston vacation is a day to remember.